Stacy Hilliard

Stacy Hilliard currently serves as the Chairman of American Voices International (AVI), a non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC). AVI provides a voice in Washington DC to Americans living overseas through direct engagement with policy makers and through a world-wide get out the vote effort.

Stacy has been a keen political campaigner and campaigner, she has previously worked with the White House Advance Team in Houston, Texas under President George W. Bush, on Mitt Romney’s first gubernatorial campaign in Massachusetts, numerous Congressional and local campaigns in her home state of Texas, and campaigned for the Conservative Party during the last General Election. She is also the former Vice Chairman of the Republicans Abroad UK. Despite working heavily with US Republican and conservative campaigns, Stacy is a true believer in bi-partisan solutions and working across the aisle, which is the basis of her involvement with AVI.

Aside from her voluntary role with AVI, Stacy is the Director of Taysha Consulting, an international development consultancy, working with governments, international organisations and NGOs on implementing behaviour change communication programmes in a number of sectors including: conflict and security, private sector development, public health and good governance. She has also previous worked as an Advisor in the British House of Commons and to the Japanese Government (Texas Consulate) on political and economic affairs.