Dr Thomas Groome

Dr Thomas Groome is a senior Professor of Theology and Religious Education at Boston College and is the long-serving Director its PhD in Theology and Education.

Tom was born and grew up in Co. Kildare, Ireland, the youngest of nine children.   He holds an MA in Religious Education from Fordham University and a Doctorate in Theology and Education from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary, New York.  For many years he was the senior faculty person and then Director of Boston College’s famed Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry (now a Department within BC’s School of Theology and Ministry, which he has served as Chair).  He has also served as Director of BC’s Church in the 21st Century Center.

Tom is an award-winning author, having written or edited some ten books, over two hundred essays, two grade school catechetical curricula, and is the principal creator of the Credo Series, a high school Theology curriculum (from Veritas/Benziger).  His best known major books are Christian Religious Education (1980), Sharing Faith (1991), Educating for Life (1998), What Makes us Catholic (2002), Will There be Faith (2011), and Faith for the Heart (2019).

Dr Groome has received many awards, including “Master Teacher of the Year” from Boston College’s School of Arts and Sciences.  His lifelong passion is that religious education enables people to bring life to faith and faith to life.