Gerard F. Doherty

Gerard has played a prominent role in political affairs beyond his tenure in the Massachusetts House, elected as Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party; serving as the campaign manager for Senator Edward Kennedy and as a presidential campaign director for both President Jimmy Carter (NY) and Senator Robert Kennedy (IN). Gerard was a U.S. Delegate to the Funeral of John Paul I and a Member American/Russian Housing Committee. Gerard has been a Board Member of his high school alma mater, Malden Catholic, Our Lady of the Elms College, Suffolk University, The Pioneer Institute, and Board of Regents Massachusetts Higher Education. He was a director of Cullinet Corporation. He chaired the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation for 25 years. Currently Gerard is still a Member of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Irish International Immigration Center.

Gerard has been recognized with many honors and distinctions among them are Malden Catholic Athletic Hall of Fame, JFK Library Foundation Irishman of the Year Award, Charlestown Community Unsung Hero Award; JFK Family Service Center Vision of Hope Award, Charlestown Old Schoolboys Unsung Hero Award, and Irish International Immigration Center Solas Award.

Attorney Doherty has been practicing law in Boston for over fifty years, specializing in real estate law and development and in corporate law and tax law.

In the last year, Gerard has authored a book about his friendship with President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy. They Were My Friends – Jack, Bob and Ted, My Life in and out of Politics. Recently, Gerard married Retired Massachusetts Superior Court Justice, Regina L. Quinlan Doherty.