Charlie Wolf

CHARLIE WOLF is a London-based American broadcaster, writer, commentator and political and social analyst. He has lived in the UK and Ireland for over 30 years.

Wolf brings a uniquely and unabashedly American view to the British Isles; opinionated, intelligent and feisty. A believer in American Exceptionalism and the United States’ special place in the world, he speaks frequently on the US-UK Special Relationship, free markets, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the other founding documents. He is frequently called on to explain American 2nd Amendment issues, healthcare and US social issues.

He is a noted commentator and political analyst for radio and television, as a regular guest contributor on US politics and culture for Sky News, BBC News 24, the World Service and other programmes. He has been featured on BBC Radio Four’s “Any Questions?” and “Today”; for the last nine years he has been a weekly paper reviewer for Stephen Nolan on Radio 5 Live. He also appeared on “Frost Over the World” with the late Sir David Frost on al Jazeera as well as other local and international broadcasters.

Charlie Wolf correctly called both the Brexit Referendum as well as the 2017 USA Presidential election, even in the face of much derision he was proven right. According to Wolf this was by understanding the real feelings of the British and American working and Middle classes.

A national talk show host on TalkRadio UK (TalkSPORT Radio, doing current affairs and news talk); he was the only American hosting a regular talk show in the UK during the Iraq Invasion, which he supported at the time and still defends.

Wolf first came to the United Kingdom in 1984 as part of Laser 558 – an offshore based Pirate Radio station with an estimated listenership of 12-18 million people. He has also held the coveted morning drive slot on national station LongWave Radio Atlantic 252, based in Co. Meath broadcasting to London, the UK and Ireland. He returned to Ireland for RedFM in Cork, where he was nominated as “Speech Broadcaster of the Year,” for his evening talk show, Cork Talks Back; then hosting the breakfast show on Red.

An American, conservative Republican, Wolf was Communications Director for Republicans Abroad UK (RAUK), the predecessor to Republicans Overseas advising on message strategy for several U.S. presidential elections.

Charlie Wolf was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He is married to the art critic, Estelle Lovatt. They live in North London and are parents to a future president of the United States.