Verona Murphy

Verona is the President of the Irish Road Haulage Association and Managing Director of DruMur Transport Limited, Ramsgrange, County Wexford

Verona is a farmer’s daughter, one of eleven children of which she’s the 7th. Born and raised in Ramsgrange, New Ross, Co. Wexford, where she still lives today and operates her company ‘DruMur Transport Ltd’ with co-director Joseph Druhan.

Verona left school at 16 having completed her ‘Junior Cert’ and moved to the UK where she worked in the Vauxhall motor company on the manufacturing line as a ‘Sealer’ by day and in the great Ronald McDonald’s by night.


She returned to Ireland at the age of 18 to undertake a ‘Transport Managers’ course at Waterford Regional College. Subsequent to her having attained a CPC in transport management, she worked locally for 3 years before becoming a ‘sole trader‘ and purchasing a 1644 Mercedes and a Chereau fridge at the age of 21.

The customers she started with in 1992, she retains today and has added many more along the way. She now specialises in refrigerated transport to and from Italy.

During the period from 1992-2006, she became a mother and trained as a beautician and an electrologist.

Verona later worked part-time with a solicitor for 8 years. It was during this time she decided to undertake a law degree, so in preparation & at the age of 35 she completed her leaving cert, and began her Law degree in 2006. After 4 years of night college she was awarded a BA in Law.

Her understanding of the road haulage sector combined with her new found knowledge of the law led her to join the IRHA in 2010 as a means to help others to get to grips with all the new, and ever evolving legislation and regulations. In the IRHA she served as a council member for 3 years, and in that time she advocated in the courts on-behalf of numerous haulier’s from all over the country who were being prosecuted for underpayment of road tax which was brought to a successful conclusion and in 2015 when they were struck out.

It was because of this that she felt she could continue to help people, subsequently she ran for President of the IRHA and was successfully elected in May of 2015. Her proudest moment as President was hearing Minister for Finance Michael Noonan, on the 13th October 2015, announce a change to the road tax regime-reducing commercial vehicle road tax by 80% from the top band and introducing two categories of payment; €900.00 for un-laden vehicles weighing over 12 tons and €500.00 for vehicles weighing under 12 ton’s commencing in Jan 2016, and a change in the near future to the GVW system 

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