Dr. Aisling McEvoy

Dr. Aisling McEvoy is Head of Enterprise Partnerships at Science Foundation Ireland (SFI). SFI’s industry partnership programmes provide an opportunity for industry to collaborate directly with scientists and engineers within Irish research bodies at a number of levels ranging from seeding an initial engagement with an academic group, to large-scale collaborative endeavours. Within SFI, Aisling has been central to facilitating a number of major co-funded collaborative partnerships. In addition, Aisling has managed programmes for senior investigators and early/mid-career researchers, as well as partnership programmes with international funding agencies having managed the US-Ireland R&D Partnership programme and specifically developing the Centre-to-Centre strand of the programme together with NSF and NI partners. She has also had responsibility for research impact and peer review within the Foundation.

Aisling graduated from University College Dublin with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Experimental Physics, and received her Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Dublin City University, after which she held positions both in the private sector and in third level research before joining Science Foundation Ireland.