Anabel O'Hora

Anabel is sixteen years old, she was born in Manhattan and moved to Ireland aged six to be closer to family. Anabel is passionate about Sustainability, the environment, biodiversity and particularly Climate Action. Anabel is a member of a range of different youth environmental organisations. Anabel became involved with ECO UNESCO through the Youth for
Sustainable Development program, she now represents them at the newly founded National Youth Assembly of Ireland. Anabel has represented her school at the Irish Second Level
Students Union for two years and been elected to the Education for Sustainable Development Working Group. Anabel was a member of the Dublin City Comhairle na n’Og (city council) and served as the Sustainability Officer. In June 2022, Anabel was a panellist at the National Biodiversity Conference and is a member of the Youth Advisory Group for the Young People’s Assembly on Biodiversity Loss. Anabel is delighted to be on this panel and is looking forward to representing youth voices and discussing ideas.